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We appreciate your visit, and hope to move you further along towards improving your organization’s online consumer touchpoints – to increase organizational awareness, optimize your conversion rate, and foster customer loyalty.

Improvements can be made by working with us, or choosing the DIY-approach through learning about touchpoints.

Our Goals

When it comes to your success online, the most common questions center around how to build, manage and optimize your online presence with (3) goals in mind:

Goal One: Improve Consumer Awareness (Before Stage)

Improving awareness of your organization’s product or service offerings to attract customers is very important, and is commonly referred to as the “before stage.”

We help improve awareness through copywriting, email marketing, link building and paid marketing (managing Facebook ad campaigns or Google Adwords campaigns for example), as well as local and personalized SEO.

Goal Two: Improve Consumer Conversion (During Stage)

Conversion occurs in what is referred to as the “during stage,” and the goal is to remove as many proverbial road-blocks as possible. Improving the potential for conversion (a.k.a., Conversion Rate Optimization or “CRO“) is fostered through understanding which hurdles consumers experience, and removing or at least reducing those hurdles to further the likelihood of them becoming your customer.

Generally-speaking, this stage involves aspects such as: the quality of your content, price-point(s) of your product or service offerings, engagement with your organization’s representatives (email or online chat for example), and reviews.

Specifically-speaking, it is important to have a well-optimized user-experience. This means a website which is well-built and optimized with a focus on quality content, fast load times, responsiveness and security. These aspects help build trust, and reduce hurdles to conversion. They help conversion through this “during stage,’ but are also applicable to awareness in the “before stage” as they represent a quality website – a website which in an ideal world is more suited for good rankings, and thus more likely to be found by potential consumers.

We help improve conversion with copywriting, Core Web Vitals / PageSpeed performance optimization, personalized and technical SEO, and website hosting.

Goal Three – Improve Consumer Loyalty (After Stage)

Updates in progress.

Updates in Progress

Development for our website is in progress, and will take some time while we’re also working on other projects. Website architecture, content, navigation and service request forms will all change throughout this time.

Thank you for your patience.